Thank you.

I find myself saying “thank you” in every action. These two words have not left my thoughts since the final morning practice in Aruba. I’m saying “thank you” to ordinary things like brushing my teeth, cooking tacos, driving errands, drinking water, embracing my loves, answering emails, etc. It’s as though these words have become the act of doing.
As I reflect, I’m thanking the work, the pain, the struggle, the losses, and the mud. I’m thanking the parts that once made me hard and tuned-out to thanking what has become, soft and tuned-in.
There are so many of you that read these words. Peek at the pictures. So many that take the time to express yourself, to ask questions, and share a thank you with me. I don’t like to think of this platform by way of numbers or count you as so, I’ve mentioned at times, how this was never my intention. It certainly remains to this day. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the love and support, it has called me to my knees. To you, I thank. At times, your words have lifted my heart, streamed in tears, and given confirmation of love in all corners.
There have been some that have given me grief and attempted to squash me, to you, I thank. You’ve taught me that I am strong and brave. You’ve curbed my self-doubts, gifted me trust and curated my boundaries. I don’t hold you to standards of actions, but know you’ve taught me well through such reflections.
Understand that we all have pain, some carry it on the inside, some carry it on the outside. I have learned that healing is all-inclusive and does not discriminate. Pain can useful, it can bring you down or lift you up provided by your choosing. I stand as an advocate for you to move freely. To choose your way.
For me, I am letting my “thank you” lead the way. I am thankful for the ease and grace as much as I’m thankful for the hardships and sacrifice.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. (at Oranjestad, Aruba)

stephanie birch