It's complicated, or is it?

We can make things so complicated as humans. We get so messy. Our minds race, rant, and ruffle. Like a ticking clock plugging on and in to things that meddle with ease, grace, and space. We want to keep on keeping on, exchanging time for excuses, prioritizing the other, and stuff ourselves into a box. Only, you find that the box won’t do, it’s simply too small and claustrophobic, wrapped up in second-hand ideals, leaking your greatest gifts and desires like a slow-drip. Palms cupped waiting and wishing and hoping that you will make time, you will say no to the idleness of more and yes to what’s best, and you may very well need to strip this bursting box wide open. Air-lifted freight to go out and create. The only way for the new to come is for the old to go. Time is meant to be spent well, especially yo yourself. Clean out a closet, empty a drawer, or pack up and drop yourself off on an island. Take yourself out to dinner. Allow nothingness. Make time for you so you can create from a place of abundance. Otherwise, the rest is a lesson in depletion. Life is too short to stay boxed in, wrapped up by another. Loud or quiet, yet living out loud. Your gift to yourself is you and it’s your unique gift to this world. (at Oranjestad, Aruba)

stephanie birch