Hello, 33.

Hello, 33.
Today, I rose before sun to greet the Aruban sky from a hammock. I spent the morning teaching one of the most beautifully, intimate yoga classes that began in tears. Our hearts intentions set for others, for death and for life. For turns around the sun. For release. For healing. And most of all, for love.
We hiked in the afternoon and landed our butts at a secret beach. We crashed into waves, popped beers, swam, jumped off a cliff, laughed and squealed our faces off.
And when you spend your birthday squealing your face-off, you cup the ears of the babe sitting right next to you. This woman, this goddess, this giver, and lover.
Thank you, @yoga_girl, this birthday might be the best one yet. By “might” I mean has been the best fucking birthday, ever.
Thank you, life. This is a fuck yes life, all the way! (at One Happy Island Aruba)

stephanie birch