fear is welcome and i move through it anyway

Go out and live your fear anyway. It wasn’t that long ago that I made a grand commitment to myself to do the things that scare me the most. Even if that meant standing in front of a room full of people. Even if that meant teaching yoga, writing, photography, and expressing my creative genius (ps. each of us has this genius). Even if that meant telling stories of trials and tribulations. Even if that meant making some feel uncomfortable. Even if that meant spending time away from my family. Even if that meant crying in front of others. Even if that meant disconnecting relationships and people. Even if that meant being alone. Even if that meant finding a new tribe. Even if that meant feeling it all, ups and downs. Even if that meant saying no. Even if that meant saying YES. Even if that meant…
I don’t believe fear is this big, giant enemy. Some prefer to demonize it, as if it takes on a lesser charge, or perhaps it’s a means for blame. Fear is not the enemy and it’s certainly not going away. You can use fear to ignite your life in ways that requires your absolute dedication to do it anyway. Whatever that “it” is for you.
For me, the more my gut checks me, the more I tune in. I used to fear my own shadow, my pain, my weaknesses, my old wounds, and stories. When you stop being afraid of yourself and the FOMO (fear of missing out) of the other/outside world is when you set yourself free. You’ll understand that fear is not some giant, hairy monster, rather simply a tool to navigate you to go inside. To go inside of yourself, turning off the other and outside world, you curl up and poke around. When you go inside, you open the curtains wide and spread yourself without shame, guilt, pity, regret, victim-hood, and blame. You take responsibility for your truths, your healing, and your livelihood.
And trust that you don’t need to make a monster out of fear, or the other. You make friends with it and you live your way through it.
And you won’t be concerned whether the neighbor’s are watching. Make eye contact, wave, stand tall, and be a hell of a lot more loving. 
Go out there and live. Go out there and fucking love the shit out of yourself and others along the way.