You leap. Again and again.

You leap.
Again and again.
You leap with your heart, not your head.
The mind will teach you to be cautious. It will thrive in patterns siphoned from the external world; society, relationships, experiences. It is the mind and its crusaders that preach “no, can’t, not enough, not for you, too tired, too old, too this or that.” This is the dysfunction. Diluting the YOU right out of you, to not say too much or stand too tall.
In the world of mimicry, it’s the superficial that funds the crowds. This is not about standing out to be different. This is about standing up to be tall, to be big, take up space. You will have to move away from the crowds; often times from everything you know. You’ll have to put certainty on the back burner and bring forth the uncertain. It’s the mystery that keeps the faith. It’s the unknown and the will that’s required to move you. It will feel like you’ve gone mad, your cheeks wet from release, your body will tremble and ache, and then you’ll see. You will use your body to feel. You’ll use your body to go inside. You’ll use your body to trust. The external may begin look different; society, people, experiences. You’ll let go of the superficial and the preachy crusaders.
You’ll be you. Like a child. Before the world put its tasks upon you. You’ll come back to genius. And this is where you’ll begin again, this is where you create.
You will leap into the unknown, again and again.
Swimming in mystery. This is the faith.

stephanie birch