i'm going to do me, you're going to do you.

Keep doing the thang.
Everybody’s all up in arms about the @instagram update and changes to the real-time feed (you can read up on it with a simple google search). Heck, I was for a hot second and now I’m just sitting here like, “ehh, it’s cool, I’m still going to do me and you’re still going to do you, and that’s how it’s going to be.”

I’m not going to scurry around asking for you to turn on post notifications or reach for you, that’s not what I’m here for – to ask to be seen by you. I want you to come around here if you want to connect, not because I ask. With a hand on my heart, you are always invited, whether we agree or not, whether we speak the same or not, whether we live the same or not. You are welcome here.

I am grateful for all the words, the people, the connection, the creations, and all the things this sweet app has turned into and I’ll keep on doing my thang and I’ll find you doing your thang. This square is not my life and it is certainly a fun, juicy, release of an outlet to share art and life. I’ll keep dishing the creations, the writings, the art, the yoga thang, the heaviness, the lightness, the teachings, the retreats, the classes, the announcements, the self-love and shit, and updating life and shit.

I’m still here, with and without the watchful eyes.

Try not to get caught up in the number game attaching your worth to likes, followings, and hang-ups from the outside world. Trust that you are so fucking enough without the stacks of notifications on a handheld screen. You are so much more than the praise and the stink-eyes from online media.

You are so much more. Know this, feel this, and fucking raise up your heart and turn-on your love from inside-out.

Still here.