The many faces of me

Expressions that boast and acidic tastes that quiver, spill out like trance-drop elixir. Slowly, at first. The visions blur, one image then two then three and four. I saw my face in the mirror once, only four stared back. I waved my hand in front of me and watched the trails of four arch like rainbow. My face was numb and my limbs wobbled unsteady, it wasn’t unfamiliar, I pay little mind to my ungrounded ways, it’s a lifetime of skin and bones that clunk in uneasiness. Stuttering images reflect back, four parts of me, there and not. Maybe I want to get away, feel unseen for once. Maybe this makes me come alive, to go with my four faces, the many faces of me that I aired to the world. The many of me that stack to the whole. It was me, alive and well, alive and bubbling, swift elixirs that dance on my tongue and fizzed down my throat. Lucid, yet alive.
I danced with these many faces and spun back to myself, I didn’t know it then that I was merely trying to find myself and understand my ways in the form of pills, late night hops, and sunrise-chasing. So sure of hits, yet spun-out at home. I understand myself now, as I understand myself then. There was a time.
I don’t expect to be understood, so don’t expect me to explain myself. It is written and faded and forgiven. All is alive and well. Like a spinning circus, coming home to myself. #wordiness