it's only a body

It’s only a body.
This body that houses the innards of me. A body that once lived quite disconnected and abused; for purchase and gains and misuse from others. It’s this body that displays tom-boys scars and proven athleticism. This body that was - and still at times - mocked for its size and intake. This body is long and lanky and more often ungrounded and shaky. It is this body that has nourished life and birthed a child. This body on display has kept me moving and living. This is the body that longed for curves to fill out the womanly ways. This body unable to reach one point or another of standards untrainable. This is the body that is shaped from living, mothering, strengthening, and aging. This is the body I remain in and hold steadfast and high.
It is this body, I strengthen.
It is this body, I’ve reconnected.
It is this body, I love.
It is this body that is wrinkled, scarred, and resurrected. It’s taken years to learn what strength can do for the physical and the mental. I learned at the age of 19 that a 100lbs girl can save a 300lbs man 13ft underwater. I know now that strength is as much mental as it is physical.
Never stop showing up for yourself and your life.