funny things

People say funny things.
These funny sayings are not about you. They may be said to you or behind you or around you, but they are not for you. Understand that people spew these funny things based off perceptions, images, and riddled pieces. I’ve been called many things by many people. I’m often labeled “rude” or “bitchy” because I’ve not returned an email in a timely manner. That I’m too much this, not enough that. That I’ve said no. Or that I’m selfish because I won’t promote a fucking product on the Internet. Some people accuse me of acting “better than” and that’s quite alright.
Here’s the thing, those labels are not my own. They’re not that of my tribe, my inner circle, my family, and friendships. I don’t belong in boxed labels according to strangers or anyone for that matter. There are many times I may come across as rude or bitchy or better than simply because I’m quiet, don’t engage, or that I draft wordiness so openly. That I say what’s real. I’ve been told I’d be taken more seriously if I put some more clothes on or if I didn’t write so much on here. Perhaps that’s true for those opinions, but they don’t ring true for me.
People say funny things.
People do funny things.
People will create funny things.
Sometimes funny is cruel, hurtful, and will gut-check the shit out of you. You’ll understand that small opinions hold no power and you’ll cease from formulating your own in return.

Fill yourself with so much love so that it overflows into your neighbor’s cup.

And — As the saying goes, do no harm but take no shit.