someone else's truths don't have to become our own.

Move your body, move your mind.
I was once taught that music doesn't belong in a yoga class. Rather, it's unnecessary and one should not rely on it. While I believe and respect that to be true for some practices and traditions, I don't think it was ever a fit for me. When I first started teaching, it was difficult for me to play music at first, the fear of the "other" or being a "bad" teacher, for shame in the game! Sometimes we need to understand that someone else's truths/teachings don't have to become our own - just like that!
A deep part of me wanted to bring the beat, the rhythm, and soul into the practice. Not by way of distraction, but tuning in. There's a humming that grazes the skin as it lifts and opens the pores when you listen. It takes you on a journey from the epidermis, to flesh, to bones. Vibrating. Emoting. 
Music is soul.
It's like placing your ear on someone's heartbeat. It's poetic, deep, and heavy. I play what pulls me in and allows me to go deep. In my classes, it's loud, it doesn't tip-toe or shy. It's systematic, fluid, and proud with bass and beats. 
The soul is not shy. It guts and feels and moves. Like the truth, always changing, ever-evolving, growing, loving, and wildly alive. 
Music moves and it's used to get you to feel up on yourself.
You are made to move.

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