the skin we are in

What is it about skin that we fear so much. This skin we are in. Soft and smooth, sometimes rough and rigid, aged and marred. This skin that wraps the flesh and bones. This skin that stretches and scars. This skin we pinch and prod and poke. As if doing so changes its longevity, appearance or shifts our mindset. You can take the needles and pills and starve or neglect. You can shove and fill it like a never-ending vat, yet it remains.
This skin we are in, the fear settles beneath it. It carries your pain, your dissection, and your haunts. Some will point and violate others with their stares, words or even their physical. What is it about this skin that drives such wild. So wrapped up in the skin of another’s doing or being.
Let go of the undressed and clothed. Let go of violating your worth dependent on the text or appearance or haves/have nots of another. Let go of sabotaging yourself. Let go of the skin you are in. It’s all in your head. What you hold in your head can writes psalms across your skin or threaten your body. Like a diary, your thoughts, your beliefs, your trials, and life remains written beneath this skin.
Keep what is useful, discard the rest.
Keep what is loving, since love is the absolute.