this is a fuck yes life

There’s a neediness to “justify” everything in life. We want to verbalized why we can’t do this or can do that. Think of the very things that creates change, growth and opportunity. What keeps you from taking the biggest leaps in life. Maybe it’s money or timing or job stagnation or family. It’s easy to hold onto the four-finger grip to certainty.
Your justification doesn’t lay in taking the leap into the unknown, it lays in your choice to stay in your comfort zone, what’s certain. This choice. This need to justify. Oh, how the mind quickens to the ease and comforts of life. Even in comfort, the pain does not cease.
People often say, “yeah, well you have this or that. You’re an artist. You have the freedom to go and be.” Sure. That freedom also included losing everything I knew. Everything possessed. From losing the security of a roof to wheels to everything I thought made me—me. I had to lose it all. My first teacher training was purchased from scraping pennies and eating rice and chicken. It wasn’t a handout. I knew this “yoga thang” had to work because I put everything into it. Everything into it, including my family. My two men, my anchors, all in.
And when you put everything into who you are and what you do, it absolutely fucking works. I’m not saying it’s easy and I’d lose it again and again to come back to everything I am. I’ll never justify staying small, because I can never go back to the comfort of it all. I’m here to grow, change, challenge myself and give birth on the daily. We are never meant to stay the same.
This is a fuck yes life, even when it hurts.
This is your fuck yes life.
This one is for my fuck yes babe, Jade Alectra, and our fuck yes adventure.

This is your invitation. Join us in Kauai this summer, August 1-5. Dive in deep and be all in.