get real

There’s no skipping, bypassing, masking, or pretending. You can falsify and pay your way up the ranks in the superficial. Sure, that’s easy. You can perfect and present yourself, as though power is seen on the surface. You can snip, dumb down, ridicule another as if your self-esteem can be bought by taking or rubbing elbows from another. You’ll end up so far removed from yourself and notice the torture you preach in your victim-hood is not in the details, but what you allow from yourself. You’ll accept the love you think you deserve, subconscious and not. You’ll take on the abuse you think you deserve, subconscious and not.
For some, the truth pulls you into yourself. Others, they run, point, bullshit, and bypass. This work within requires you go deep, fuck up the insides, and give birth to your power. 
People want to skip the struggle as if the struggle is not a part of the growth.
People want to bypass the aches and think cheating themselves out of difficulty will prove strength/change. It will not.
People want to mask their feelings and pretend and bottle or fix others ahead of themselves as if it’s their work, it’s not. 
It’s all within. You must go inside, do the fucking soul work, get dark, and real.
You’ll come up. And come back down because this is the human experience. To be human. To feel it all. 
Like rounds and cycles it goes. This human experience is real and I’ll be damned if I ever return to my bullshit, numbing, quieting myself for the comfort for others, playing small ways.
Get real.