What’s in a name? I’m less interested in naming things and more interested in feeling things. I’m into moving with freedom than moving with restrictions. I’m into the things that stir my heart than confuse my head.

Out of the head and into the heart, out of the head and into the heart. That feels good to say, doesn’t it? Be it romantic, forced, unsure, or sounded out with a “humph” - say it again until you feel it.

Being right and rigid makes for tired bones and head-spinning trials. I want to make all the mistakes in the world, trust my gut, and seek the untraveled-unknowing-uncertainty of life.

I want to get caught growing than tangled up in second-guessed showing. I’d rather shake in my boots than remain solid in blocks. I’d rather dare it all than not at all. When you dare yourself, you challenge the rest. I triple-dog-dare-you.

Out of the head and into your heart.