you are beautiful to witness

Welcome yourself as you are, leaving your apologies at the door. Save them for a time you need them. When it really matters. There’s no need for them in this practice. Not to apologize for your body, its capabilities, what you’re going through in life, if you’ve arrived late, loud, or uncertain. Don’t apologize if you need to leave early.
This is your practice.
Hop right in and/or hop right out. 
This is your practice. 
Life happens outside of yoga. Life happens inside of yoga as well. This practice is intended to draw you in to yourself. Know that there are days you may grind your teeth or curse yourself, even me, for that matter. There will be sessions you feel high, like you’ve ridden the wave at a dance party. Sometimes it feels stuck, stagnant, boring, and complacent. Other times fluid, expressive, and freeing. As you move your body, you move your mind, your heart, and through your emotions. Understand that anger is welcome. Frustration is welcome. Sadness is welcome. Maybe you’ve brought the giggles, let them out. Or you’re holding back tears, let them fall. Or maybe your body is talking back, listen without judgment. Or you’re worried about being too loud, too breathy, too huffy, or groaning too much – to hell with that, let it out.
Whatever brings you here needs no apology.
These postures don’t need your apology.
Your presence needs no apology.
Too often people are afraid to be “too much” when you are just right. Whatever you’ve come in with, welcome it. Life is real and it doesn’t stop because we are practicing yoga. Life moves through us, on and off the mat. Welcome yourself here, from my eyes, you are beyond beautiful to witness through it all.
You are beautiful to witness. Know this, feel this, and accept this. This witness wouldn’t exist without you. You are beautiful to witness.
Bring on your beautiful, as you are.