ruffled sheets

To awaken others, you have to awaken yourself. When asleep, we don’t know when we are acting like bed hogs and cover-stealers. Or that we’ve sprawled oursleves to penetrate space. We talk in our sleep, snore, drool, kick and flail. It’s so surprise we don’t know what we don’t know. How could we know we’ve ripped the covers away from a lover? How could we know our dreams unleashed through limbs and thrusts? We simply don’t know, the awareness sleeps.

Think of this in terms of love. Self love and acting in esteem. It’s not accessed until you’ve woken up. There’s an awareness and responsibility that gives you the guts to tune into the deepest, truest, realist parts of you. You don’t look to the other or billboards or guides of the superficial. This insurance is built from within, never seeking validation outside.

You begin to realize that the otherness is you. As the outside comes at you, the people and their experiences and stories and traumas, they are yours. It does not excuse diligent behavior and actions, it simply brings forth compassion. It allows you to see yourself in others. It welcomes boundaries, releasing burdens, and rests by gifting others and yourself the freedom to Be.

As you ruffle the sheets and stir from slumber, you realize that you’ll not treat others with anything less than the love and respect you have for yourself. Your greatest connection to all starts within.