some will never rest

You’ll have to tune-out others if you want to tune-in to yourself. Sometimes it’s like a slow-drip from a leaky faucet, one by one, you unplug yourself from individuals. Some for reason, others unexplained. For reason isn’t always derived by language, rather feeling, a sensation, like when words don’t match another’s thoughts or intentions. If you listen closely, give less response, you can feel the unsettlement within your body. Some things are not meant to be explained through complex language systems or vocabulary definitions. Eventually, you’ll be turned off by gossip trails and washed-out authenticity speeches. Sometimes, you’ll feel like an asshole for tuning people out, saying no, or stop, and block. You’re not. What gets loud, over time, is your voice. What knots inside, begins to unravel. This feeling in your belly will bubble it’s way up through your heart and belt out your throat. It’ll start small, cracked, shaky, unsure. You’ll choke your own awareness out of you over choking down another. You’ll be tasked to continue to say and live what’s real because the delusions of others contaminate your insides. A breeding feast of lies, victim-hood, and gain to exploit and detach the you right out of yourself. And you realize, some will never rest until you’ve been swayed into their misery.
I’d bleed to death in my truth than torture myself in a pile of another’s bullshit.
Penetrate the superficial.