Today's yoga tidbits: another prop and play

Oh hello, it’s been awhile for on of these bits. Today’s #yogatidbits: prop and play! One of my most favorite things to encourage students: get lifted with blocks.
Notice the left set of photos where my arm balance transition gets a little “held-up” by the floor. Simply, my arms are just not long enough to lift my long torso and legs. I am about as rounded and as “hugged-in” as I can get and my feet still drag while extending into dandasana. And – that is totally okay! If the length of your arms need a few inches, take out the trusty blocks. You see on the right set of photos, I’m able to make this transition without planting the feet. Both sets of photos are great references of play in this transition. 
Other options you can play with:
Socks on a hardwood floor, make like slip and slide and go “wheeee!”
Prop yourself higher, especially if this arm balance is new, on two chairs, two sturdy tables, or parallel bars. Practice with your both of your feet down and lift one foot at a time.
You can also practice variations of this from inside of a pool. Plant your palms down on the edge outside of the pool, lifting yourself up and through or up and down. The water buoyancy will be great practice to start. 
Great additions to prep:
Scapula push-ups
Cat back plank pose (pictured in a previous tidbit)
Cat/Cow Pose
Seated Breath of Fire Breathing Rounds
Crow Pose to Crane Pose
Sometimes these poses and transitions are dependent on the size of your limbs and torso. Give yourself a lift. Our new house has hardwood floors so I’ll be adding the slip and slide play and see how that goes!

stephanie birch