There's room for it all, us all

There’s room for all of it. Believing it so makes it so. All the yoga, all the art, all the life. Be swayed by the love you make, the art you create, and the life you breathe into this big, beautiful world. Be moved by your heart, wild with emotion and truths. It hasn’t always been this way for me. In fact, I’ve often felt hardened by this world.

And still in some ways, play hard. My attempts to patrol take me away from purpose.It has taken my life to flip completely upside-down in order to turn me around to see with such softness. It’s like a sturdy breeze, the kind of love that has granted me with ease. It doesn’t mean I fall victim to yes or not challenged by the boundaries I keep. If I am to give myself fully in this life, it is not to be kept by the old people-pleasing ways. My genius knows too well what is at stake, I’ll not cost my spirit to play comfort to plate.

Tell me all the ways you are for and ahead for this world to bear witness to the genius and lover that is you. These are the ways that we make, there’s room for us all, give and take.