Mouth party recipe: that melted Brie thang!

That Melted Brie Thang Recipe. I took to the how-tos on my IG story a bit ago and many of you asked for the low-down, here ya’ll go. PS - let your tastebuds be the measuring tool.
Toss onto a table:
Pastry Sheet
Mushrooms, about a pound
Dried Cranberries
Chop: mushroom, onion, shallots, garlic, and thyme nice and fine.
Cook: what’s chopped above with lots of butter. Add port, your call on the pour. Add salt & pepper to flavor. Cook until liquid is nearly gone. Then add cranberries.
Prep: lay out the squared pastry sheet on to a flour-tossed cookie sheet. Slap the Brie in the middle of pastry. Spoon what you’ve cooked on top of Brie and around, nice and tight. Best if it’s cooled. Fold opposite corners of pastry sheet into a top-bow. Paint the sheet with egg, closing up any cracks.
Bake: about 12-18min at 375-400 degrees. Really, just watch it until the pastry turns a tantalizing golden brown, you’ll know when it’s ready, you’ll smell it too. If some cheese leaks and gets a little crusty on the baking sheet, consider yourself lucky to have a little peel and crunch to your buds.
Serve: with crackers, pears, and apples. Knife and spread the melted goodness onto to crackers, layered with fruit. Welcome to the mouth party!

stephanie birch