Yoga tidbits: what about these arms?

Today’s yoga tidbits: Warrior I with different arm variations. This used to be such a tricky pose for me. Often, dread would come over me whenever it was cued. Until I learned to give myself some space and get over attempting to perfectly square my hips forward. Let’s start from the ground up:
Begin in a long lunge. Separating your feet about hip-width distance. This was a big key for me, providing space for my hips and midline. Plant your back foot firm, many suggest at a 45 degree angle. That works for some bodies, not all. If you’re part of the not-all, most days that’s me, you’ll have to play with that back foot; either opening into a top foot to back foot perpendicular meet or perhaps taking a stance wider than hip-width and face your back toes forward.
Nugget: wherever your back toes are pointing relates to your hip-opening. If you’re looking to square your hips forward, bring your back toes forward and wide (spacing for hips). If you’re looking for a slight hip-opening, keep your back toes open (in the above mentioned perpendicular). Both legs actively participating and recruiting your bum engagement in support of your pelvis and hips. I don’t believe in “relaxing” the butt cheeks as they’re a great mass of support in your body. Let’s use the tush!
Hug your ribs in and draw them down towards your hips. Heart is proud and pumped full of love.
Let’s talk arms: palms on your hips, shoulders back - great. Palms up and wide like a V for victory - great, especially if you’re like me with tight shoulders. Arms like goal posts - great. This is wonderful if it’s hard to breathe, this shape encourages the heart to lift up for lung expansion, space to breathe. Lastly, traditional, palms up, pinkies in. You can also take your palms out like you’re air hugging the world because that just feels damn good when you live up the world around you. The theme is space. How am I creating space and giving myself space on the mat and in life?