Big kids

Up until now, you are every age you’ve ever been. Like a stacking collection of memories, playfulness, triumphs, trials, adventure, experiments, experiences and wonderment. I like to believe it’s not so linear, as we’ve been taught to heed. Such a timeline full of expectations in the “shoulds” of life. As you age, tethering the self to responsibility and checklists. Such lifestyle keeps tied to weekend cravings, tossing back mind-altering elixirs, perhaps to let down and turn up on the dance floors or whatever have you to fancy such a release. It’s a freedom we crave. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a way for our adult selves regain the small freedoms we once held as children. 
Take for example, this time of year, we expect teenagers to not go out and trick or treat, as if an age is a marker to “grow up.” That because you’ve reached a point on a system, therefore you must halt joys. Hell, I’m 33 years old and I enjoy playing dress up and shoving candy in my face as much as I love singing, dancing, taking my clothes off, not brushing my hair, skinny dipping, crying my face-off, laughing my ass-off, telling make-believe stories with my 5 year old, pretending the sidewalk is my runway, practicing jokes like I’m on a standup, squealing and experimenting with adventure in this life. Each of us, is still very much the child within. Often, we hide her (or him). We need a solid excuse for her/him to come out and play. 
I think one of my most favorite things about being a mama is this: wonderment. To play. To be a child. Exploratory eyes. Big with love. Little things are big. So simple and pure, we forget the amazement that abounds in this (extra)ordinary life. To be playful, messy, wild, and full of emotions. Full of expression. 5 year olds, they’re the most honest people I know. They’ll tell you what’s up, what they like and don’t. And often, they don’t need a reason and I don’t budge on my son producing one. Sometimes life just IS and things just ARE. And that’s that.
Toss candy into those big kid bags for goodness sake. Let big kids be kids. And let adults be big kids and kids too. Life is fun and full that way.