your life is always on time

Your life is always on time. Whatever you’re going through, is on time. Whatever you’ve been through, was on time. It doesn’t mean it is always going to be easy. The expectations we hold on in this life can, in turn, cause us a lot of pain. When someone leaves your life, let them. When you are leaving someone else’s, do so with forward intentions. Holding on to outcomes we cannot change binds us believing we are always in control. As if some present action can change the past, it cannot. Present action is repeating patterns or it’s moving us towards love and compassion, forward intentions. If we live so controlled, we begin to manipulate ourselves and attempt manipulate others. Sometimes successful, short-lived and certainty not with integrity. This is not loving, it is a form of abuse. Sometimes, we must walk away from things and people we closely held on to. Sometimes, it’s hard and muddled; business ties or familial, maybe traditions and history is involved. If it’s heavy, dark, and draining - put it down. Holding a mug full of your favorite coffee in your palm doesn’t feel like weight in the first few minutes; try hours, days, weeks, month, even years. Some relationships feel like this; favorite people that perhaps arent always the greatest to be around. Or maybe it’s people we want to help, we cannot change people, we can only love them. Keeping such relationships will exhaust your core and be so far from your spirit holding onto anything that isn’t loving, light, creating, giving, receiving, shining, and encouraging others to be their best and brightest. When you change or perhaps begin to have a deep,loving relationship with yourself, your inner circle may change. Not all, but some. People can only meet you where they are at within their own journey of self-love. Your life is always on time. And so are the people in and out of it. In the ups, downs, and every between. Sometimes it’s shit and mostly, if you can give yourself permission, it’s fucking amazing and beautiful and messy and wild. Everyday. Let yourself be messy and wild and out of control, once a day, right on time. #wordiness