yoga tidbits: camel pose

Today’s yoga tidbits: camel pose. This is one intense heart-opener.
Start with your bum propped up on a block, like the first photo. Take your palms at the base of your back. Fingertips facing up or out to each side. Roll your shoulders back pressing your heart forward. Stay here for several breaths, slowly coming up and out into a child’s pose or puppy pose (hips up).
For my friends with low back issues, aches and flare ups, try putting a block between your legs, encouraging the inner thigh to rotate back and wide. Strong legs, strong backbends. Keep your hips forward and curl up from the back of your heart, without compromising the low-back. For my friends, ready to take the palms back behind you, prop two blocks outside of each ankle before you begin. These will be your landing strips for dropping back.
At anytime, you feel compression at your lower back, please come out. There are plenty of other backbends, when one isn’t working for you, back off. No benefits can come when you’re grinding your teeth, not breathing, forcing something, or holding tightly to the honey do or cue list. Try bridge, locust, cobra, table top cow pose, etc.
Power in play and possibility. Options and freedom, baby! #howtoyoga #yogathang