Yoga tidbits: handstand prep

Today’s yoga tidbits and on this afternoon’s menu for my 4:30pm at Solfire: handstand prep, the no kick-up zone. It is about taking it slow, steady, and calling on consistency to balance on those palms.
Take it to the wall, but not by way of kicking up. This is about strengthening, engaging, and steadying yourself facing the wall. I used to practice and teach kicking up to the wall for handstand prep and I’ve taken a firm stance to not do so, for several reasons (not to say it’s not right for you, but for me, it’s just a no-go). My kick-up to the wall, heck, even away from a wall, provided me with quite the banana-back habit. Often bowing out into a backbend. Which works beautifully for many. For me, it became impossible for me to feel my balance and it’s been a hard habit to break. I’ve lessened my deepening back bend practice, in order to strengthen my front and back body. It can start simple, with a fiercely strong plank, I love taking a cat-back plank, for example. One of my favorites, perhaps most challenging and testing of patience to balancing on your palms, is facing the wall, like pictured. Doing so, helps build strength in your front and back body, shoulders, legs, etc. See if you can feel your booty weight and hips up over your head. Palms planted firm. Draw your ribs in and down towards your hips. It’ll feel tricky at first, maybe for some time, since inversions require us to wire our brains from a much different perspective, the world is upside-down, give your body, brain, and the mechanics time. Lots of time and practice.
You can try a variety of phases:
Down-dog facing wall, one leg presses, top left photo.
Bent-knee taps at the wall.
L-stand at the wall.
One-legged L-stand at the wall.
Shift into balance by kissing your ankles together.
As with learning anything new, give yourself a healthy dose of rest at night, yes, SLEEP! You will literally recharge and re-wire your brain to remember the tools for your next application. Whether it’s this yoga thang or studying or savoring memories from a beautiful day with loved ones. Ya’ll need to rest your bones and your brains.
And play every damn day! #yogathang #yogatidbits