Today's yoga tidbits: in lieu of shoulder stand, try this

Yoga tidbits: In lieu of shoulder stand, stay here. Stay here if you are someone that spends the day at a desk, hunched over, or if you spend much of your time cranking your neck looking down at a phone screen. The invitation is not always to take yourself to the textbook fullest expression of a posture. I believe it’s important to evolve the practice, if it calls.
In today’s world, we tend to hunch over our laptops, bend to pick up children, and look down at our phone screens, etc. Sometimes we need to back up and off traditions. Not necessarily to question the practice or the benefits. There are many wonderful benefits to shoulder stand. However, if you spend most of your day looking down, please stay here propped up on a block or lean your legs up onto a wall. In the Western world, many of us have a lot of tension built up around the neck, shoulders, and down the back. The inversion benefits are here with a neutral spine. Lean into your body cues, how you live your life, and you’ll be syncing your intuition within the practice. I promise you this. It is all loving. Science and evolving, if we choose to be open to such findings and nuances. #howtoyoga #trustyourself