The pact

Something happened in Cleveland. A tribe of sisters born. As this time comes to a beginning, not an end, no way hell this will ever end, I am filled with awe. Wisdom, strength, courage, and fiercely loving women that have charged their hearts and ignited mine. This week, I think I’ve been the quietest I’ve ever been in a long time. I’ve written the least words in my journal in a long time. Yet I am feeling myself more than I have in quite some time. I am amongst some of the greatest teachers, fire dancers, queens and healers. I am still pinching myself asking, “am I really here?” I am. We are. Beside each other. These women remain close to my heart and when I begin to feel pulled away, I’ll come back. I will call on each and every one of their spirits and get breathless. I will feel them close. And honor them here. Tonight, my tears ran for every emotion. Especially, for love. Especially, for gratitude. Especially, for these teachers. Thank you, ladies. You are breathing life into this world and beyond. And so beautiful to witness. And to you, Katie, for this pact, to get breathless. @kczechduffy @soul_activist @yoginan @breathlessyoga