Sometimes the best stage is an empty theater

I want to raise a cup and share one with the beautiful, Bri (IG: @briyr). Today, I came across her Facebook live post. She reminds us, I’ll paraphrase, “don’t stop creating just because no one will see what you’ve created. We are not meant to create for an audience, not all the time.” This woman has been a fierce light for me. And I’ve adored her from a distance for years.
She said words out loud what’s been rumbling inside of me. At a time, when it seems that my light has been tested. My words taken like a slingshot and skewed. In these past weeks of uncertainty, much has been coming for me. It has been a challenge to stay in my body. I teach others to stay in the uncomfortable, yet I’m challenged within my own to desire comfort. Stay. Stay. So I sit. Thoughts to screen. Tap, tap. She reminds me…
Your stage doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t have to be a social media post. Sometimes, the best stage is an empty theater. For me, an empty studio to dance, breathe, and feel. It can be a loving ear from a friend. Other times, taken pen to paper circling words and tales only to close the book and let it rest. I’ll sketch my emotions or paint my desires. Much expression remains hidden. While I do enjoy planting some things for public, some days I question its purpose. I’ve changed, perhaps still changing. I write for me. I draw for me. I dance for me. I breathe for me. Nothing needs be seen, since I’m the doer and the observer of my own. It is vital to detach from praise as well as the critical minds. For we already know our deepest depths and greatest light. We each have a profound understanding of the Self when we turn off the world and tune into ourselves. This is the only way. All else is neediness of the external. Go inside. And let’s love each other over a cup sometime. #writeyourheartout #lovealltheway