It matters who you have and what you have IN your life -

It matters who you have IN your life and what you have IN your life. People will go on food diets, restrictions to “better” their bodies, and proportion their intake to death. We will read the self-help and care books, create to-do and to-be lists from wordsmith systems. We will study others, pick and prod against the not enough beliefs built from a tribe that keeps you in doubt. We will buy fancy outfits, lease cars, and toss money at things to keep ourselves at surface. None of that shit matters. Not the external forces that attempt to cure or fix you. It will keep you reaching for anything and everyone outside of yourself. Most people remain vacant because we are taught to idolize a system to remain empty, in turn, we are so focused at getting pissed off at the other, opinion-tossing our faces off; only to excuse responsibility unto the self.
That thing we crave is the kind of love that can only come from the self. It is ruthless love and awareness. It is the kind of love that takes responsibility to be unshakable and willing to go inside of yourself. It matters WHO is in your life that magnifies such greatness. Some people are meant to stay and encourage, some people are meant to teach you to move on. You will never be nurtured by someone who isn’t nurturing to themselves. Your relationships matter more than the food you eat, more than the clothes on your back, more than tips/tricks to burn your this/that. Emotional health is wealth. We are so plugged into a system that ridicules feelings, dismisses them, and hides them. It matters to sit with yourself to understand yourself. Don’t hide your hurt but certainly don’t sit so long you look back on decades of ache, holding on to shitty relationships. This truth is hard, yes. Nothing comes easy when we are meant to evolve. We are meant to move into the light. Darkness is the gift of compassion, nurturing the self, awareness, intuition, and giving us our greatest love to the Self. We can wallow up in our weakness or will our way to forgiveness. It matters. You matter. Forgive yourself, forgive all. #thisisthewill #healingisachoice #thisistheheart