All is within

Some take comforts in dramatics to play out life’s stories for reach. Often forced; a recipe to create such meaning. Take away the audience, one is left with script. Will you tell the same tales or embellish the same woos? It’s the reactionary feeding ground for gain.
Perhaps one’s plight is to play the field of danger to enhance such stories to tell. Life doesn’t always have to lead from pain. If worn like a badge, no one will question or excuse deserted behavior. We cannot expect others that are not nurturing themselves to nurture us. Spiraling expectations. Pain so tricky and yet so clever. Warping our existence into thinking we cannot heal; we are doomed and we must rage-on. We learn: I bite you after you’ve bitten me; forgiveness taught much too late. The finger-points of blame will keep you bidding to the battlefield. Life doesn’t always have to be hammered to nails into great depths and sorrow. It can be alive; wildly fruitful and rich with pleasures.
The dark only gets darker, wounds taken to magnets. It is the light that gets brighter, the healers a freeing arrow. The aim to light. The war one rages against another is a merely a bigger war within. Pain carries great wisdom once fueled into light. We will not find comfort in others doing such work; often triggered by those. Only – it is the call to go inside. Returning to self. To heal oneself. To love oneself. To nurture oneself.
The forgiveness you seek is within.
The peace you seek is within.
The love you seek is within.

All is within.