Give to give. Without expectations, without conditions, without exchanges

Give to give.
A nod to social media platform of likes, comment threads, and navigating this whole being seen in my truth thang. 

Give to give. Give with your whole heart. Give the power of your presence. Give the love of your life. Give all of your broken pieces and glue them back together. Give your word. Give choice. Give your breath, your fire, the pauses in-between. Give without expectations, without conditions, without check-lists. Give without any exchanges or transactions. Give just because.

I am drawn to the givers. The lovers. The doers. The Beings. This social media platform has been a beautiful gift to us, as a family, and as a creative. It’s been like a diary for me. A snapshot to create and capture bits and pieces of our life. I’ve shared trials, errors, regurgitations, mistakes, what I’ve learned, what I don’t know, love, truth, joy, the hard stuff, the scary stuff, the free stuff, and it continues to play a conduit in connection with so many beautiful souls. It’s been a bulb of light and freedom to express myself, to write these lengthy essays, and share my passion in love, visuals, and wordiness.

Sometimes it is overwhelming. There are countless unread emails of free product, ambassadorships, services, pay per post in my inbox. I am truly grateful to be thought of as such but I have to admit, that in most cases, such emails request an exchange. You get this, we get that. Etc. I certainly don’t want to dismiss such efforts and offers. And I do, from time to time, share my favorite “it” thang but what this is for me is real. The latest and greatest offers are great but sharing myself in my raw truths is so much more than any gift of product or service that I can share over a social media posting. It means everything to be able to share my work, my teaching, my studentship, projects, people, contributions, and collaborations that truly come from the heart. That is the juice.

I connect with you from my heart. We are a typical and not-so-typical family, living big in small ways and living small in big ways. And through this platform, I write a little piece of my heart. I capture a little piece of my Soul. Behind this square is a human; a mom, a teacher, a photographer, a writer, a light chaser, a nature lover, a student, a happy dancer, sometimes not so happy dancer, and a life-living-and-giving-in-the-moment-as-best-I-can individual.
With that, I am humbled by your daily dose of love, life, ups, and downs, and all that you share on this little square.

You make life big, bold, and beautiful.

Thank you.