Awaken others to love

Awaken others to love. Some will corral and stir the asks of how and what and will follow their heart as so. Others will be frightened, they’ll attempt to strip you, they’ll test you, and batter you against the odds. Some will pretend to be your friend or sister or brother only to show they’re ruled by fear through clever pulls, empty gossip, or passive ways. It is often that those afraid to love will ask for it again and again, and will reject it every time. When you cut the cords of negative energy, love remains. I cannot sit before you and promise that life is full of ease or relationships with others will remain intact. In fact, sometimes the most loving thing to do is walk away from relationships, people, and the things that call us out of our loving ways, only to be a flick in a memory of what was. I believe we are here to represent love as well as challenged by its extremities that call us to act. It can be scary because it is fierce, like a mama bear to her cub. It isn’t necessarily what we’ve been told or taught, sometimes love shows up in anger or sadness or our grieving processes. Sometimes it tasks us to set boundaries and give firm no’s to ensure that we are kept by our Soul. Understanding what love is to understand that is inclusion of every emotion. It is the deepest part of you.
And through all this, I opened a page of words from my journal. A reflection from a meditation from nearly a year ago that rings so powerful today:

People will fear you because you awaken them to love. It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary.

Awaken others to love.