New year, let's go, lucy Activewear

Ready, set, GO! 
The new year is about taking charge, staying motivated, and being open to endless possibilities. There’s a shift that takes place as we hurdle over into the new year, leaving the previous year behind. The timing of the new year always hits right as I’m ready to re-boot charge my system. This is the year to be unstoppable and step into your power. Let’s kick start the year with these energy-infused yoga postures that brings focus, balance, stamina, and leave you feeling refreshed after taking some moments to recharge, no matter the time of day. 

Poses -
Downward-facing dog, the DFD: This pose is a restorative and rejuvenating posture that lengthens and opens the back-body. Take some time to connect with your breath for 30-60 seconds. 

Flip-your-dog: This is a deep backbend that opens the throat, shoulders, chest, and lungs. This is not a traditional asana but it shines as a heart-opener. Backbends naturally release endorphins and release bursts of energy. 

Upward-facing dog: One of my everyday favorite asanas. Talk about a pose that makes you feel taller, it is excellent for posture. It relieves fatigue by opening the shoulders, chest, and lungs. Also great ab-work too!

Warrior II: You are a divine, feminine warrior standing in your power; the queen of focus, strength, and stamina. 

Crescent prayer twist: This stimulates the abdominal organs and lengthens the spine. It takes focus, determination, and finding our lung capacity in this deep twist. Confidence-builder.

Straddle forward-fold: Take this inversion anytime, anywhere and change your perspective. Inversions are accessible to everyone, start here and shift your gears and energy. I dare you not to smile after hanging upside-down.

Step into your power on and off the mat. Stop-drop-and-yoga! Take charge of your energy and shift your perspective anytime of day. We are filled with honey-do lists, work, schedules, screens, and hustle. Take a few moments and let yoga work for you with these energy-packed asanas.

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