Glow and Flow, lucy Activewear

Get glowing - get flowing. We radiate from the inside-out. What we put into our bodies, how we move, and the thoughts we formulate - is what we share out into the world. As we round out the winter weeks, we are focusing on maintaining a beautiful, healthful, positive glow from our mats into the streets. 

Start by coming into your breath and your body. Set an intention. Begin in this humble low-lunge. It is one of my favorite ways to open the hips before we get into our powerful warrior series. We store dense emotions and stress in our pelvic region. Hip openers, like this one, release negative energy that is unkept. Like cleaning out our closet, we have to clean out our nether regions, if you will, and slowly move through unwanted energies that do not serve us.

Sweat every damn day. Sweating is the body’s way of ridding toxins, it fights off blemishes, regulates temperature, and is an instant mood-lifter. Build heat with conscious breathing and movement; do this by holding poses or flowing through them with one breath, one movement, like in a vinyasa class. Nothing heats the system and pumps the heartbeat like some good old-fashioned core work. I love forearm plank holds that work my midline with added knee lifts, every muscle is engaged in this position. The crow-boat pose is a doozy! Come into boat pose, bend the knees and squeeze your thighs around your triceps - feel your body shake. Keep your palms out in front of you, like you would in the arm balance. This is guaranteed to ignite your midline, fire up your breath, increase your heart rate while working those abs! 

As you build sweat, you are pumping adrenaline and boosting endorphins. Heart-opening poses, like bridge, strengthen your standing posture and increase positive energy. Another favorite asana that I often teach to students is revolved crescent lunge; it combines balance, strength and opening from the heart space. Backbends have a subtle quality that enhances your mood by releasing love within and out into the world. 

Yoga has a beautiful way of connecting the poetry of our physical body, mind, and spirit. Our practice moves through our dense energies, produces sweat which has tons of healthful qualities, releases endorphins, rids toxins, and is one of the most natural ways that we can create a positive, loving, glow from the inside-out. 

Breathe. Sweat. Open. Connect. Glow.

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