all that i am in this practice

If we are always guided by the thinking mind, we lose our senses to the intellectual. When we feel our body, we move into knowing. To know ourselves is to feel ourselves. It’s not about quieting the mind or forgetting the suggestions of posture cues; it’s simply bringing awareness to the subtleties in our body and allowing our Breath to inhale and exhale from our Spirit. Can you feel your breath travel up from your toes and out through your fingertips? Can you feel the rhythm of your heart dance as the sweat trails your curves? Do you live in the possibility of closing your eyes in this practice? I want the path of knowing by feeling, not to sit in the controlling and verse myself in the to-dos in this dance. I will close my eyes, accept my inhalations, and let go in my exhalations. All that I am, is knowing and feeling all that I am - in this moment, in this practice.