today in body aches and shakes

Body aches and shakes. The hum in my ears and fuzz in my head leaves me feeling unstable and out of whack. The sinus pressure has me feeling slightly nauseous as gravity is cementing me to stay low. My son leans in with oatmeal breath, head pats and extended kisses. We will eat in bed. Watch movies. We will patiently wait for his dad to come home to complete the trio and remove the crayoned “X” propped against the front door.
Everyday, our 4 year old scrolls a fresh “X” to mark a reminder for everyone to stay home. Everyday, he asks if it’s a family day. Everyday, we set aside the colorful signage with slight heartbreak calling passions outside the home. Everyday, he reminds us the importance of presence. Everyday, doing what you love takes a tug at his little heart. Everyday, he pulls at one parent or the other to stay home proclaiming we read the signage at the door. Everyday, we do our best to balance. Everyday, he teaches us.
And today becomes a stay-in-and-do-nothing-day. I may have to change the sheets to mask our food crumbs relieving evidence of breaking the no-food-in-the-big-bed rule. With minimal play with movie marathons in days old pajama-wearing. Right now the sun is shining in and I caught the light in my palm. This moment is important. These words serve to remind. 
Everyday, I’m BEing my best, the best I know how. And everyday, you are BEing your best, the best you know how.
Loving is easy. Even when life hands you some hard stuff or when people become hardened, love them anyway. Let it be as simple as that. Let it travel up walls and knock on your neighbor’s door and grace the stranger passing on the street. Love through and through.
Love comes easy, if you let it.