take flight and wing it

Take flight and wing it.
We hear and say, “there’s no time like the present” and yet we hesitate or pause or stop and question. We hold back. We get caught up in the waiting line, and for what? We bite our tongue. We build stories in our heads about ourselves and others. We put off projects or opportunities for a perceived better time. Sometimes we purposely delay ourselves with busy-ness. We pass the life torch to people around us hosting conversations to seek advice or toe-dip in other people’s desires of the “should-do” life.

There’s no advice in the world that can better your life than to seek within. What you ask, you already know. Instead of tying yourself to how you should live, do, act, and Be - pause for a moment, reflect, and start here. Jump in and get wet with passion, your love, your art, your life. Make a mess. 
Life is too short not to fly. Check in with yourself. Have those hard talks, say what’s on your mind, don’t wait. Waiting embroiders a tale that is simply built on perception. Dive into opportunities that scare you the most. Allow yourself to be challenged. Stumble, fall, break, and crack open. The moment we stop falling is the moment we stop growing. Welcome uneasiness and fall flat. Pick yourself up and allow your strength to shatter any feelings of self-doubt, and have the courage to move forward. Be bold and soft, taking every risk and making every mistake. Your life is meant to be lived. It’s meant to be different, unique, bright, and giving in your own way.
Live it, love it, do it, Be it.