practice is practice, tweaks and turns in trials and errors

The sneaky secret to binds: long limbs. A little yoga humor to swipe the seriousness off this Monday.
I’m a big fan of using props; straps, blocks, wheels, blankets, books, chairs, window-sills, etc. That’s the thing about a home practice, there’s endless exploration while rolling around on your living room floor. Incorporate what is useful and you’ll discover the tweaks and turns in trials and errors, you’ll feel the body as you let go of timing and cues, and this is where the greatest self-study exists.
I’ve discovered so much about myself by simply playing, exploring, and navigating my own body through breath and cycled postures. I fell in love with my practice when I combined my studio practice into my home. Both hold space in my heart for different reasons and teach me in different ways.
Practice is practice.

Lean in and love with your eyes closed.