exposed //

You cannot manipulate or pretend or lie to yourself or others when you continuously expose yourself. It’s when you’ve emptied and clawed your way out from blackholes that you begin to know yourself through your deepest depths, winding tunnels, empty alleyways, lost, and found. When you’ve stood up for yourself in your own self destruction and bared your bones is when you find that your edges no longer require a match. The places you’ve traveled tally so little in comparison when you begin to lead in faith living the unknown. You understand that the experiences that scare you the most or challenge the most stand before you to provide you with the greatest changes and ultimate growth. Sometimes life will feel like one, big hot seat and you will become all too familiar with your edges, your ticks, and set-offs but then you see a lifeline in your unique, quiet ways that put pen to paper or sound like nonsensical chatter. You become enchanted with your fire as well as your light, much of which will require you to know your insides as blood to stained, white sheets. Not to alarm but to embrace the nudity of your Self. You’ll delight in the places that you’ve become soft where you once expressed yourself through knives; now reveal your curves that beckon you to be delicate. To know yourself. Trust yourself. Feel yourself. Touch yourself. And love yourself.
The progress is in your breath, your practice, your truth, your vulnerability and ultimately this is your perfection. Seated, rooted, bleeding, breathing, connecting within. Your nakedness is the way.