and then you fall.

And then you fall.
The more I fall, the less I hesitate the next round of face-plants, belly-flops, limb-sling-shots, vessel pops, bruises, aches, oops’, knee-to-nose-bleeds, cuts, scrapes, rug burns, triple chin, sweat rashes, and all that messy goodness that spills out from the practice. The best moments are the shaky ones, the trials, errors, and flopping around like a fish out of water. This creates pathways to trust the body, feel the body, and know the body in this realm of questioning. All the sensitivities moving and coordinating together navigating the dance with breath. I like my practice here. The way I stumble through its puzzling moments that will never find its way to completion.
The practice is always moving and changing and evolving and it’s exactly the way it’s intended to Be.