dig deep(er)

If the words you speak are always agreeable, dig deeper. I think we often confuse praise for validation as much as we confuse criticism. Neither here nor there. To put your voice to a thought or opinion without seeking the validation of the outside, you'll understand that your wholly existence in esteem is in alignment with soul. Some may bypass the self to play safe, in other words, small. To always be likable and agreeable. There's little growth to be made when you're not disrupting the earth beneath you. Old thoughts, old patterns, old beliefs, and old tribal thinking are meant to tether you to the outside world to keep you. An esteemed person does not act from smallness and does not follow the crowd or seek validation in likability. Loving yourself changes everything. People feel the love you have for yourself as much as feel the abuse of yourself. The quality of such life is acting from a place of self esteem. When you give yourself everything you need, you give from a place of abundance. You give without conditions. You love without reception. You live without superficial agendas.
When you've become caught up in the game of giving to receive, you've stopped giving. What you call "giving" is now called a transaction. It's become an exchange you partake between yourself and another. You create a tally system of tracking your transactions. If you are here, come back to the self. Re-connect with your highest self through love. The practice of self-love is deep, in action, honoring, and full of joy celebrating the mistakes and imperfections and purity. Without this practice, you cannot love others or give to the world, such love then becomes tainted, it's needy and requires conditions. Keep turning around to see yourself first, love yourself here, and then give it out to the world.
It will not always be likable, but it will always be necessary. Keep landing, playing, thriving, challenging, and roaring from your soul.