you have the power to pretend or reveal yourself in person and online

You are responsible for your life, your outcomes, your aspirations, your goals, your feelings, your emotions, your world. You are your own teacher, your own hero, your own person. 
The power of this platform is your responsibility. Being online is a responsible act. You have the choice to follow, like, scroll as much as have the choice to feel what comes up for you. Does it lift and connect you? Or does it disconnect and separate you? Does it feed the negativity beast? Or does it inspire you share your story? I choose to learn about others, to connect, to encourage, and be inspired by people. I choose to share pain, weakness, hardships as much as I choose to share happiness, peace, and joy. I write what’s real, even when my fingers shake. I share to give it away, to reflect, and it’s been like a vessel of healing at times. The choice is mine, and yours, and together that’s connection.
I was told not long ago that I’ve made someone jealous, it nearly broke my heart. That is the last thing I would ever want someone to feel about my life. It’s something I would never want anyone to feel. And it’s been hung on a thread of well wishes and love because I don’t know how else I can help and change how someone feels. I know intellectually, I don’t have the power to do so. So I pray and love and meditate and give space.
Sometimes we need to take a step back, peek around at our own thoughts, and understand that we are humans navigating this powerfully connecting digital age. Use the Internet to connect with one another, not compare and contrast. Mindfulness moves away from generalizations into awareness that we are one another walking the ebbs and flows of life. You are in the driver seat of your actions. When you begin to compare, you are forcing responsibility onto others for your life, your happiness, and your world. 
Please understand that when you take responsibility and great care for yourself is when you connect with others from a place of love and understanding that we are humans thriving, surviving, and igniting each other along the way.
You have the power to pretend or reveal. There’s nothing to fear when it comes from the heart.