yoga: come from a place of welcoming and less from a place of correction

I like words to captivate what is versus what is not. Our definitions and perceptions are so vast and representative of our lives. Take for example the practice of yoga. There are many lineages, sacred texts, traditions, evolutions, acrobatics, and ways we connect with this practice. Please do say and feel what the yoga is for you, by all means. I think we can get so caught up in pushing the “yoga agenda” from a place what it is versus what it is not. As if we have to prove it from right vs wrong. When this takes place, we begin to lose sight of the importance in offering from a place of love and compassion. I think we do a disservice to others when we come from a place of right vs wrong or when we "should" others in their practices. 
As a teacher, I will not tell you that your connection with this practice is wrong or right, for that matter, because it just is. If you come to sweat bullets, tighten your ass, press your best self forward, move to manipulate your body, challenge the mind, call your spirit, come to heal, chant, unite with the divine, meditate every damn day, whether you breathe through your nose or out your mouth - this is your practice. Yoga shows up in your life exactly the ways it’s supposed to and it may look and feel different from your neighbor. It’s the practice of connection to your highest self.

It’s universal.
All encompassing.
All worthy.
All practices.
Let us encourage each other in every way. Less coming from a place of correction and more coming from a place of welcoming.
However way we get there.