yoga does not care if you like it.

Yoga does not care if you like it. Yoga is connection. It’s intended to get you to feel yourself. To breathe. To dig into yourself. To examine and challenge every bit of you that comes up. It’s to move you to connect to your deepest, highest, pleasurable, lovable, sometimes seemingly unlovable parts, and beautiful self. When you go here, all the white noise fades. When you go in and say, “this is me, this is who I am today, and I love every bit.” – that is the ultimate connection. To love yourself is not arrogant, it’s necessary. And it’s the most loving act of all and sometimes it surprises me to think of it as a revolution. Love is our natural state. Return to it and you return to yourself.
I used to live in a way to “be good” as if there was a gold star chart of deeds, accomplishments, superficial exchanges, to eat right, don’t do this or that, restrict here, be perfect there, cue this, imitate, separate, and initiate from a place of others.
I had to stop. It vacuumed the “me” out of nearly everything. I was pulled by others; their experience and knowledge created a pedestal relationship. I seeking them/it as the end all - be all in the how-to of life, yoga, teaching, practicing, motherhood, as a creative, and relating to this world. I was so wrapped up in trying to be good, when I really just needed to be me. I had to call back my spirit, my inner teacher. My love. This love. This seeker within. I took back myself, my power, and understood that my highest self uncovers and unlocks and un-tethers herself from anything and everything that forms itself from a place of good from bad or right from wrong. No longer measuring myself to the graphs of imaginary goodness on a scale of commandments that are broken everyday. 
Discover yourself and your zest in everything you do and you’ll be free. This is your connection to yourself. It’s not to be liked or manipulated or seeking pedestals of people or relationships, it’s not to drive you from a place of gold stars or markings in your to-dos. You are your greatest teacher, your greatest power, and your greatest love. Feel-trust-know-love yourself.