let's tip-toe to our shadow

Let's tip-toe in the dark as our shadows cast from the moonlight. Not to be frightened by the dark but go in and look around. Explore. Let's uncover the very things we hide or tuck away and bring them out of us. The sun has fade. It's time. It's time. The sun is no more, not for now. It will come, it always returns. Like the promise of a tide.
Let us dance with the shadow and see who we really are.
This we. It is you and me. Two sides of this me. I show you two sides like a coin, for I am not one without the other. I'm not afraid. I see my shadow. I run to it. I do not run from it, I bring it forth, no longer caged. I embrace, unfold into it and out from it.
I'll be the first to uncover it's remnants because it's kept under my fingernails, like cooled earth wet from rain. It's close but not caged. I know it better than you. It's smell, it's taste, the way it feels inside my veins seeping from my pores. It's musty, it's mine. 
I do not turn to you to keep my shadow in-check. I know it well and I am the one who feeds it. I do not starve, it's hungry, so I feed. I pay close attention to its diet, its satisfactions, its delight, and treats. I feed it the best I know how - now - I've certainly fed it poorly in the past. Now I know. I'm more nurturing now. And I feed it the best damn love I know. Mine, alone. It's not fed by another for it ceases at the existence of my Self.
How art thou shadow? Turn and run to it, dance and embrace and feed it. Love it hard and watch it fly into the light.