Bali Retreat -- October 4 - 12th

9 days/8 nights in two private villas with two infinity pools and spas.
$2,200 per person (flight not included).

Includes: daily meals, yoga, body movement, art classes, write club workshops, food workshops, explore Bali, play, and more. This is a retreat for people that want to work thru their shit -- to let go of some things no longer serving you and let in some things that you can take home to live your best life.

Join us in Bali and click here.

A little about me & a little about yoga

I came for the sweat and found a way of life.  I was a long-time athlete looking for a challenge and was hooked from my very first yoga class. It would be years later that I connected with the practice on a deeper level, outside of the perceived "fitness trend."

After my son was born, I turned to my mat in a life-saving-and-changing way and the practice ignited my greatest purpose: to serve and give back to others. The practice of yoga is simple, be yourself. I believe that showing up for yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and to this world. I am passionate about encouraging others to move, breathe, feel, and heal on and off their yoga mats.

My hope is that we come together to love and lift each other as we navigate through this thing we call "life."

In my everyday life, I'm a play-at-home mama, yoga teacher, life photographer, writer, artist, Tahoe-lover, a sucker for dark chocolate, dark beer, and a life well-lived. You can find me on my mat teaching with a wide-open heart in Sacramento, CA and online at

practice with me

Practice with me online at oneOeight. 10-day free trial or sign up for $14/month. 24/7 access to a variety of classes from vinyasa, slow-flow, mellow out, meditations, breath work, tutorials, nutrition, and more.
Find more teachings, free yoga tutorials, and story-telling at lucy activewear here

Live classes at Solfire Yoga in Sacramento, CA and MomentOm in Roseville, CA.

Grateful for the beautiful teachers, mentors, educators, and students that have continued to support this journey, near and far, you are always in my heart. The gift of your presence is immeasurably felt and filled with gratitude for supporting me every step of the way.