Only love can LIVE here, anything less will be the death of us

Love this shit out of yourself and each other. Please. Love must go in every corner, crack, crevice, unmentionable, and mentionable place.
Fuse admission of injustices with love. Please.
Unite together with love. Please.

Only love can LIVE here.
Anything less will be the death of us.

I love you humans. Look for the lovers. Side with the lovers. Always.


Beyond the benefit of self

What does YOUR voice say? What does YOUR heart say? What does YOUR belly say?
Close your eyes. Speak to this. Speak from this. The words that travel within your bones. The words that lift the hairs on the back of your neck. The words that bring chills, that sink in, the ones that escape your breath. Speak from your body. We have enough quotes from the belly of Buddha.
What do YOU have to say? Say that. Do more. Be an ally for others. Prettiness isn’t going to change the world. Go deeper than the face. Go deep into the pain. Do not look away. Rip-off quotes are much too quiet. Bare your heavy heart and be a witness to others.
Penetrate the superficial.
Make this a tag line or headline.
We are the influencers. Our influence must go beyond the benefit of self. We are the influence generation.
Act like it.
Use your voice. Use your art. Use your heart. #penetratethesuperficial


Silence will not do

I have so little words. A heavy heart. Tears for people I don’t know. Love for this world, love for all people. I struggle with the word hope. I struggle to voice. I don’t know how to react, I feel sick.
Silence will not do. #nomorehashtags


food. it's getting really-real, up in here.

Food is funny business. Not funny ha-ha, but funny interesting, to me. There are over a dozen messages in my inbox right now asking for collaboration or partnerships with quick fix teas, bars, powders, juices, fruit and veggie poppers, vegan this and/or gluten-free that. The second most asked question, next to my “yoga journey” is what I eat. What kind of label eater I am. What I want to say is: “I eat the food. I drink the drink. I never skip dessert. I eat what feels good.” Because that’s what’s true for me.

Sometimes I am brave enough to say this. At times, I’ve been asked to give more, advice, if you will. An interview of mine was pulled because I refused to offer 5 tips to better eating for yogis. I get it. We all want more. Will this more ever be enough? My answers are not packed with punches and secrets on the skinny. When confronted with food asks, I am riddled with boredom. I have no wisdom for anyone. No advice to give. I can only offer my experience, and it doesn’t make yours less than or not enough. I feel I have no business offering advice on the next buzz word to detox your way through food. And I would be wary of any untrained teachings and teachers hellbent on controlling your life through food, heck, through yoga. I have nothing to offer than a recipe that tastes like heaven in your mouth and hopefully has your belly partying with each spoonful.

We’ve become so obsessed with fact-checking our way to feel good. If you fear your food, you are simply biting into fear, swallowing a less-than belief system. Maybe it’s time we change the thoughts around our mouth-holes. Turn off the tube of photoshopped perfection. Close the magazines with the bullshit quick fixes. Shut down the obsessions. And conjure up some balls to feel good about ourselves. To fucking love the shit out of ourselves. That my friends, is food for the soul. It is my calling to love, keep on lifting. My calling does not come in swinging from controlled regimens.

Please know that there are people out there that can help cultivate food for life relationships. One of my most favorite humans in the world is an expert, I am grateful to work alongside of him. Meet Joe Eiben. He’s your man. And so much more.

As for me, I’ll keep offering the no-bullshit stuff. That’s my jam. #foodtalk


your life is to be lived by love, not by extinguishing another

This trend of external focus has warped the realities of connection. So needy the praise. So needy the critic. So needy, you owe. For it not a double-tap, heart pop in the world without the screened fantasies of the addictions we play. Watch what you say, they warn. What what they do, they mimic. Finger taps and endless scrolls that begs, who is watching the watchers? Riddled heavy by screened to in person face time. It’s all a transfer, you cannot hide. Energy does not lie.
The worrisome ways to be more concerned with the other is what perpetuates the delusions of disconnection. The concern of one’s nature like a hand to attention, your greatness will never be tapped when your focus is that on the other. Stories created from he said/she said mind-fucks, like history of the haves and have-nots. You cannot simultaneously create your reality foraging from a place of blame and point-outs of the other. Teach not from a place of lack, what others build from their fire. Teach not from a place of past, what was is not always to be. Teach from you, self-center by why of extreme love and focus. Teach from a place of wildly yes, fiery passion and high esteem. Can you do so without the cuts and burns to execute the other. The progressions of a pose does not a warrior make. You are the warrior, spirit mind and soft by strength. 
Can you live out loud without extinguishing the flame of your brother/sister? The worrisome mind acts like a shield for you to play small. The dopamine, quick-fix, get rich schemes takes to the pulse of addictions to mediocrity. Your task, maybe the greatest of all is a rebellious act. Radical self-love, virtue of light. Transformed by darkness into love. Trauma into healing. Forgiveness to understanding. Don’t lose yourself in the details or mind traps of others. Your greatness comes like DNA from purpose.
You live.
You love.
From inside-out.